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    Hurricane Irma Tax Relief: IRS Gives Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Irma

    IRS Announced That They Will Provide Hurricane Irma Tax Relief to Victims Hurricane Irma Tax Relief:  The IRS has announced relief for Hurricane Irma victims in parts of Florida.  While additional relief is planned, the Read more

    Attorney Bookkeeping Procrastination Cost

    How Much Is Putting It off Really Costing Your Legal Practice? How important is attorney bookkeeping to your practice?  You’re an attorney managing your own law practice. You more than anybody know that the details matter. Your cases Read more

    Bookkeeping Quiz: What was your profit margin on your last 10 clients?

    Any small business owner you talk to knows that it's their customers that make their success possible. But if a business owner has any success, it's because their bookkeeping lets them know what they are Read more

    Accounting Mistakes New Small Businesses Make: 4 Things To Avoid

    It’s no secret that the business world is unforgiving. That’s why as an entrepreneur who is just starting out, you want to get everything right the first time, and that means handling your money responsibly Read more