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    Meals, Entertainment, and Travel Deductions Post-2018 Tax Reform

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017, and effective in 2018, provides businesses with a reduced tax rate, but also significantly alters the tax deductions businesses can claim. Some major categories of tax Read more

    Your FICO Score Defines Who You Are

    In my role as a financial adviser to small business owners I seldom ask my clients “ How are you”? This traditional greeting has been replaced with a more meaningful greeting -“How is your credit,” Read more

    Treasury Announces New Form 1040

    New form is a postcard Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced yesterday that a new Form 1040, roughly the size of a postcard, will be unveiled as early as next week. Changes to the tax law Read more

    IRS Wants Electronic Filing But Is Harsher On Penalties Than With Paper Filers

    Should electronic filers be held to a higher standard than paper filers? That is how attorney Douglas Greenberg may be framing the appeal of the recent District Court decision in the case of John Spottiswood. Read more