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    Tax Implications Of The American Health Care Act (AHCA)

    Today, the House of Representatives passed the GOP’s proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) plan in a 217 to 213 vote. The plan would repeal and replace several provisions of the current Affordable Care Act [...]

    Get Started Now: The Essential Tax Planning Checklist for Coral Gables Small Businesses

    Finding the right information for filing your small business taxes in the Miami area can be a real struggle. The April deadline to file last year’s taxes has passed, but it’s never too early to [...]

    Giving Your Coral Gables Personal and Small Business Taxes the Human Touch: Why Automation Will Never Beat Experience

    You’ve probably seen some advertisements lately about getting your taxes filled out and filed in minutes, either online or at the nearest big-chain tax preparation service location in the Coral Gables area. If you’ve ever [...]

    Forms 1099 and W-2: Tax Changes for 2017 that Coral Gables Small Businesses Need to Know

    Have you filed your 1099-MISC forms yet? In the past, small businesses were not too hard-pressed to provide their employees and contractors with the appropriate tax forms in a timely manner. This is no [...]