Myra Perez Fliegler, Operations

Myra Perez Fliegler comes with over 30 years of experience in Office Management as well as a Business Owner.

Myra was doing mortgages in New Jersey and became an advocate for the Hispanic community by doing seminars and educating them in credit, banking and mortgages for 10 years.

Myra then went on to build her own cleaning service, Domestics, LLC, which ran successfully for 8 years. She then transitioned into Home Care as the Operations Manager of Home Care Assistance where she held seminars, training sessions and ensured compliance within her team.  Within two years, Myra was able to build a solid foundation the company was able to grow on, successfully leading them into Million Dollar Club status within their franchise. After being with Home Care Assistance for 5 years, she brought her experience to Miami where she continued in Management in an Assisted Living Facility.

 Her extensive experience in multiple trades makes Myra a successful and knowledgeable manager.