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CALAS has met all our needs!

October 10, 2018

Since we opened a business last year, the folks at Calas have met all of our accounting needs and answered all of our novice-business-owner questions. They have gone above and beyond to be responsive and available to us. Jill Rubin is brilliant and knowledgeable, and Sherena Williams is organized, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with! Thanks!

Laura Reich

I’m very happy with calas and their support

July 25, 2018

Por got a very good service from calas for a long time

sergio zamora de alba

Very diligent team and great customer service

July 25, 2018

Rafael has been very kind and professional. The staff is always available and willing to answer all questions

Sandra Gallego

Jill Rubin provides excellent customer service and the response time gives you piece of mind. Thank you for your patience and professionalism.

July 17, 2018

Jill Rubin is professional and the customer service gives is great.

Lynda V. Harris

Easy to work with.

February 9, 2019

The Calas group is always available to answer all questions. Very professional attention. thank you

Ricardo Alberty

Amazing People, Amazing Service

February 8, 2019

When it comes to taxes things are always a drag but here at Calas Group it was like I was happy to be here. The people want to help and are happy to help. They helped me with all my taxes and book keeping and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Exceptional service here at Calas Group and that is why I am using them for any and all of my financial needs.

Renay Brakha

Great team!

October 23, 2018

Excellent attention

Pedro Jimenez

Excellent Service with a Professional Team!

July 23, 2018

Calas Group have been in charge of our finances for a few years now, we are very pleased with their services. They bring a dedicated team and excellent customer service. Our Account Specialist Rafael Emiliani is honest and very professional Thank you Calas Group for such wonderful service!

Ivy Maldonado, Bagua Center

Excellent service

July 23, 2018

Highly specialized personnel, solve quick,responsible and knowledgeable, They are the best team for my business. Thanks Rafael Emiliani for be there allways.

Rosa Viller, Copper Services LLC

I am not sure where you found Jill Rubin, but she is aces! She has helped to unravel the accounting mess between SFDA and Calas and she has been responsive, polite and professional throughout the process. I thought you might appreciate hearing that.

Warm regards,
Rick Mancinelli

Rick Mancinelli
Working with Calas group was a great experience, they took care of me during my project and I was well compensated for my work.
Angel Rivera
Jill & Rafael are very reliable, proactive, in everything she does on top of that very professional. I have worked with them both in the past at another company and I can say nothing has changed their work ethic does not go unnoticed. You will not go wrong with the Calas Group.
Darlene Cruz
Jill was terrific. She was responsive to my needs and had everything I needed done in a matter of moments. I can highly recommend Jill and her team.
Todd Lapenta
In the past 2 years that I have worked with Jill Rubin, she has always been professional and very helpful. I am relatively new to the accounting part of this business and she has always been extremely patient with me, no matter what my issue. She’s extremely busy, but always finds time to respond to an email, even if it is to schedule another time to talk.
I have worked with other members of the Calas Group and everyone goes above and beyond my expectations of being helpful and they are genuine about resolving my issues at any given time.
Suzanne White
Working with Calas Group for more about one year has helped me get more organized. Especially working with Rafael has been excellent and always very professional. Keep doing great work.
Yvonne D
Brian and his team run a first class operation. He is accessible and not only offers excellent accounting services but is a wonderful resource as well. His associate, Amanda, is attentive and diligent handling our bookkeeping and ensures that we have our weekly cash flow report every Tuesday morning. If you’ve outgrown your current accountant or are unhappy with the level of service and professionalism you’re currently receiving, look no further than Calas group. You won’t regret it.
John O'Rourke
I have worked with Jill Rubin form the Calas Group, her commitment to timely detailed bookkeeping, enables companies and individuals to better manage their financial affairs and identify valuable tax deductions and credits; reducing Federal and State Tax Liabilities to create additional working capital, so important to a business entities future growth.
Rick Superstein
For the past 4 years I have counted and trusted on Calas Group with all my taxes needs. Year by year Brian George, my personal accountant has made sure my family and I are well taken care of. I have recommended him to various friends of mine and i got to say I’ve yet to hear any negative remarks.
Gustavo P
I am very impressed with the service I received from Calas Group. First off, their customer service has been superior to any other accountants in the Miami area. They have all been very kind and proven their competency while respecting my limited time. They have earned my highest recommendation.
Jacob M
We use Calas Group for all of our accounting needs. They are always available and they do what they are hired to do and much more. Thanks Calas Group for all of the tax savings.
Carlos Rivero, Jr.
Two years ago we switched our accounting and payroll over to the Calas Group and it was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made. Brian and his team have wrapped their arms around us and given us 5 star service. After Brian assessed our financial condition he assisted us in getting a large Line of Credit with a local Bank in Miami that he has a tremendous working relationship with, at a very low interest rate. Than he guided us through some very difficult times with the IRS. In addition, our books are now professionally maintained by Jill Rubin, who is a superstar. Jill has reorginized our Chart of Accounts in a more user friendly format and has trained me on how to generate reports in Quickbooks that I can use to manage my small Law Firm. I could not be any happier with Brian, Jill and the team at Calas Group and highly recommend their services.
David Schnitzer
I have had such a great experience the last two years with Calas Group and have referred my entire family to use their services. There are many accounting firms that charge way too much and I found Calas Group is reasonable priced for the work they do and the customer service they provide. I would recommend Calas Group to anyone!
Krystle Salazar
They take the time to get it right, they are very affordable, and well connected within the community. We run all our accounting through them.
Ralph Goicouria
Our Calas bookkeeper Rafael was careful enough to call to our attention a short payment by one of our clients, allowing us to collect the missing funds. Thanks for being so diligent!
Meghan Goicouria, Granny Nannies
Brian George at Calas has been absolutely brilliant!
Adrian Leonard, Partner, HW Business Law
I like the customer service. No one is perfect, but when mistakes are made (mine or yours), you guys step up to the plate and take care of me. That’s awesome!
Raul Guajardo, Law Office of Raul A. Guajardo PLLC
Very good company. I recommend their services.
Art Metrano, Comedian and Owner of World Yogurt
Every Monday morning, we have a staff meeting and one of our agenda items is “deposits”. We ask if any team member has gone “above and beyond” and “made a difference” that deserves recognition. Today, Josh, our Investment and Client Operations Manager, gave a deposit to “whoever found Calas Group”! The QuickBooks information that Jill and Alex shared with him truly “made a difference”.
Nancy Marie Mele, Operations Manager, The Lubitz Financial Group
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate your expertise!
Laney M. Silverman, Principal + Graphic Designer, The Design Boutique, Inc.
For the past 4 years I have counted and trusted on Calas Group with all my taxes needs. Year by year Brian George, my personal accountant has made sure my family and I are well taken care of. I have recommended him to various friends of mine.
Gustavo Pacheco, Realtor
Joseph and I were just commenting on Monday, how efficient and professional Alexandra was and what a blessing it was to have here assisting us.
James Osteen Jr., South Florida Digital Alliance.
Thank you for referring Jill Rubin for her bookkeeping services. I was very pleased with the job she did for me yesterday. I feel like a big weight will be off my shoulders if I hire her to do my bookkeeping. Her knowledge of law firm bookkeeping far exceeded that of the previous bookkeeper that I used.

Thank you!!!!!

Tammi A. Calarco, Esq.

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